How do I hire an interior designer?

What is the difference between an architect and interior designer?

What is the design process?

What is green design?

What is a LEED Project?

How do you incorporate green practices into your own business?

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    Design Questions:

• How do I hire an interior designer?

First, do they have a bachelor’s degree in interior design or similar field? It is important to hire someone who has the educational background to know about building codes, proper application of materials, drafting skills etc. There are many technical aspects of interior design that go far beyond just talent.

Second, view their portfolio.

Third, meet with the designer to discuss the scope of the project. Do you feel like there has been a connection with the designer? Like any relationship, both the designer and the client need to feel like it is a good match.

Last, any professional interior designer should ask for you to sign a contract. This will help your project go more smoothly. Most importantly, it will define the expectations of the project including the scope and the compensation. Some designers charge by the hour. However, some will charge by the project, square foot, or a markup on goods sold.


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